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Baby Bravo // Oregon

June 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

When Lorena asked if I did maternity photos a few months ago, I didn't expect them to be for her! I have been lucky to have Lorena as a friend the last 5ish years and couldn't be happier for her and Luis to be adding a little one to the family! They are both such a fun pair of people to be around and this shoot was full of laughter and love. This was also my first time to the Rose Gardens in Eugene - how have I missed this all these years?? Thanks Luis and Lorena (and Othello) for letting me capture this :)


These are so good Alex! Thank you for taking them, for letting Othello be part of the fun and for showing our good sides, even when you were getting cranky at me for not being serious. :-) You made us look so good! I'm glad you finally know where the Rose garden is.
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